The farm stretches on 20 hectares, 11 of which are a specialized vineyard and it's divided in two different corps; the first one is located on a ridge halfway between Ortezzano and Monterinaldo, 300 meters above the sea level. On a hill, mainly facing south, with a claylike and limestone native soil, it's the main centre of production. The second one, located in Ortezzano, as well, lies on a plain in the valley of the river Aso, 150 meters above the sea level, and it's a mixed mixture alluvial soil, with 2 hectares of polyclonal chardonnay vineyard set up in 2005; close to this vineyard a modern wine cellar has been realized for the conversion of our own grapes.


Located in Ortezzano in the valley of the river Aso, along the main road s.p. 238 at the km. 20.8, surrounded by a chardonnay vineyard, it has been realized in 2005 to complete the productive cycle and to increase in value our farm's grapes. Devised to assert the sacrosanct concept of high quality born in our vineyards, it's equipped with the most modern technology available at present. It expands on 600 square meters, and its capacity is 1600 hectoliters; it's made up of a large central area addressed to the first wine making, fermentation and warehousing, and two air-conditioned rooms. In one of these rooms the wine keeps on ageing in little oak barrel, while in the other one lies the packaged wine ready for delivery. The wine cellar is also a welcoming retail outlet where anybody can also taste our bottled and unbottled wine.