Ortezzano (FM)


Even at the end of 1800 grandfather Antonio Sgalippa used to cultivate his grapevine with love and passion in his little farm in Monte Vidon Combatte (a village a few kilometers far from Ortezzano). From his vineyard "married to the maple tree" he used to get a wine that soon became the pride of his everyday life. At the beginning of 1960 Mario and Rosa Sgalippa (Tommaso Sgalippa's parents) decided to come back from a happy non-agricoltural work experience in Australia; they invested the fruits of their labour in two different lands in Ortezzano and Monterinaldo, laying the foundations for today's Sgaly. As a matter of fact, even if their lands were addressed to zootechnics and cereal farming, they obstinately bet on grapevine growing and soon set up several specialized vineyards which allowed them to forsake zootechnics once for all, making grape the key point of their business management. In the seventies Sgalippa family chose to set up some top quality grapevine as Montepulciano and Barbera; the growing and improving production of these grapes was given to a local agricultural cooperative. In the second half of eighties Tommaso Sgalippa gets qualification in agriculture and take over from his mother Rosa as director of the farm, after the untimely death of his father Mario. After about ten years of hard work on the fields, dissatisfied about goals he

has reached but enthusiastic about his job and with firm belief about his choice, with sweat, sacrifice but hopeful, he starts his adventure. The goal is to give life to a high quality productive cycle, where grape is the prince of the farm. In the second half of the nineties the increase in grape production join an innovative philosophy of production based on the sacrosanct respect of the environment to obtain a healthy and natural farm produce. The joining to the E.E.C. rule 2078/92 for a low impact on the environment first and to the E.E.C. rule 2092/91 for the organic farming in 2004, was the main steps to realize in 2005 a modern wine cellar in the valley of the river Aso in Ortezzano which make the most of everyday work in the vineyard, and extol the vintage wine that Sgalippa family proudly markets with the registered trademark SGALY.


The farm stretches on 20 hectares, 10 of which are a specialized vineyard and it's divided in two different corps; the first one is located on a ridge halfway between Ortezzano and Monterinaldo, 300 meters above the sea level. On a hill, mainly facing south, with a claylike and limestone native soil, it's the main centre of production. The second one, located in Ortezzano as well, lies on a plain in the valley of the river Aso, 150 meters above the sea level, and it's a mixed mixture alluvial soil, with 2 hectares of polyclonal chardonnay vineyard set up in 2005; close to this vineyard a modern wine cellar has been realized for the conversion of our own grapes.



Located in Ortezzano in the valley of the river Aso, along the main road s.p. 238 at the km.20.8, surrounded by a chardonnay vineyard, it has been realized in 2005 to complete the productive cycle and to increase in value our farm's grapes. Devised to assert the sacrosanct concept of high quality born in our vineyards, it's equipped with the most modern technology available at present. It expands on 600 square meters, and its capacity is 1200 hectoliters; it's made up of a large central area addressed to the first wine making, fermentation and warehousing, and two air-conditioned rooms. In one of these rooms the wine keeps on ageing in little oak barrel, while in the other one lies the packaged wine ready for delivery. The wine cellar is also a welcoming retail outlet where anybody can also taste our bottled and unbottled wine.


Sgaly Azienda Agricola Biologica
di Tommaso Sgalippa

Via Aso, 47
Cap. 63851 Ortezzano (FM) Italy
Uscita A14 Pedaso
S.P.238 Km 20,8

Tel./Fax +39 0734 77 00 12
Mob. +39 335 61 46 325
Mob. +39 333 88 61 923

E-mail: info@sgaly.it
E-mail: sgaly@pec.it



Sgaly sponsor della Tirreno Adriatica 2014.
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Marche IGP Rosato Rosa Di Cuma diploma di merito al terzo concorso enologico nazionale Vini Rosati d'Italia.
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Rosa Di Cuma 2012 diploma di merito dell'Istituto Marchigiano di Tutela Vini.
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Rosa Di Cuma 2010 medaglia d'argento alla ottava rassegna vini bio.
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Hausum 2008 medaglia d'argento alla settima rassegna vini bio.
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Rosso Piceno 2008 medaglia d'argento alla settima rassegna vini bio.
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Cuma 2007 medaglia d'argento alla settima rassegna vini bio.
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Cuma 2005 vincitore IV edizione "La castagna nel piatto.
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Vendemmia in notturna dello Chardonnay.

Concorso enologico ad Ortezzano il 09/09/2007, premiato il vino bianco Hausum per il miglior gusto.


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